Linda Tanaka


Counting Our Planets began when my 4 year-old daughter asked me to buy her a book about the planets.  She had been introduced to them at school and wanted to learn more.  Naturally, I encouraged her interest and immediately shopped for children’s books about the solar system.  I went to several bookstores and even searched online.  There were great books available, but all of them seemed to be for older children.  I couldn’t find a simple book about the topic.  Finally, I decided to just write it myself. 

The book starts with our sun and visits each planet all the way to Pluto (now called a dwarf planet).  On the journey through the book, the rhyming text counts each planet and gives one descriptive fact about it.  The illustrations of the planets, as well as the sun and moon, were painted by my sister, Mira R. Olson.  I hope Counting Our Planets will spark an interest in science in young children.  Therefore, although it is dedicated to my children, particularly Meghan, it is written for all little children who reach for the stars. 


Counting Our Planets


Written by Linda G. Tanaka

Illustrated by Mira R. Olson